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digidreamers's Journal

Digimon Dreamers-A Digimon Adventure RPG Community
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banner art by rayana_wolfer.

Digimon Dreamers: A Digimon Adventure Roleplaying Community

This is an rpg that takes place several years in the future after the Digidesntind defeated Malomyotismon. Taichi, Yamato, Koushiro, Jyou, Sora, and Mimi are all students at Tokyo University. Daisuke, Ken, Takeru, Hikari, and Miyako are in high school, while Iori is in his last year of junior high. People are slowly getting used to a world where everyone had their own Digimon Partner. There is no trouble between the two worlds....for now. For a breakdown of their ages please go here.


Email: smolderingtopaz@aol.com
AIM/MSN: smolderingtopaz

~The Rules
1. For the most part, anything goes. Just if anything major is going to happen to the character you are playing (pregnancy, death, depression, etc) please let a mod know. Normally you will get the go ahead.
2. At the moment there is a three character limit per player. This limit may or may not be changed.
3. Currently the only Original Characters that we are accepting are the Dark Digi Destind. What are those..well, go here. And you must play a canon (ex: Daisuke) in order to play one.
4.Digimon are not going to have their own journals. Rather, the play will assume the roles of both the human and the Digimon partner in play.
5. Keep everything PG-13. Please and thank you.
6. Please try to post at least twice a week. That's not too much to ask, if a mod starts to notice that you aren't keeping up the pace (at least three weeks since your last posted entry), you will receive an email giving you a two week period in which you can update your journal. If you don't or decided you don't want to, all of your characters will be erased and canons will be put up for adoption. I understand that people may have conflicts, so please let me know in your audition post!
7. No OOC drama, if you are having problems with a member, please contact a mod and we will try and sort things out.
8. Spell/Grammar check is your best friend, please use it.
9. All posts in your character's personal journal are to be made in first person. All entries in the community are to be in third person.
10. All OOC related chat and questions are to be fielded at digidreamersooc. The community here is for roleplaying purposes only!
11. Slash pairings are allowed. Pretty much any pairing is. If you are against slash, please don't bash someone who maybe decides to go for slash. Keep your comments to yourselves.
12. I am banning roleplaying over AIM. Mainly because in past communities, once people start to rp over AIM, they don't want to roleplay over anything else. AIM is to be used as a contacting tool only.
13. Have fun! That's why this is here. :P

~The Characters~

~The Digidestind~

Taichi "Tai" Yagami/Agumon-taithebrave, Played by Allie
Yamto "Matt" Ishida/Gabumon-
Kushiro "Izzy" Izzumi/Tentamon-brainiaciz, Played by Brendon
Sora Takenouchi/Biomon-tennis_loveer, Played by Masey
Mimi Tachikawa/Palmon-sincerelypink, Played by Allie
Jyou Kido/Gomamon-medical_faith, Played by Jamie
Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya/Veemon-
Takeru "TK" Takashi/Patamon-breath_of_hope, Played by Gene
Hikari "Kari" Yagami/Tailmon-shining_star542, Played by Krysta
Ken Ichhijouji/Wormon-
Miyako Inoue/Hawkmon-
Iori Hida/Armadillomon-

The Dark Digi Destind
Haruo Mimasaka/Shadow Patamon [OC]-blackenedhope, Played by Krysta
Yuriko Aino/Shadow Biomon [OC]-youloveyoulose, Played by Allie

Other Characters
Shinn Kido-
Shunn Kido-
Jun Motomiya-
Momoe Inoue-
Chizuru Inoue-
Mantarou Inoue-

*For the moment I left out Willis and Michael due to the fact that they're in another country. I only included the siblings, of course the player can decide which Digimon they would like for them to have. Also if anyone wants to play anyone's parents, or Cody's grandfather, simply drop an application for them. Same for if there are any canons left out that you feel need to be played

Please write "Digiport Open!" In the subject line to prove that you've read the rules and understand them. Please apply here.

If you wish to be affiliated with us, please go here